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What do we repair at Scooter Therapy inc.?
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We repair what we sell, of course!
    Also Honda, Yamaha, TGB.  We no longer repair so called "no-name" scooters.
This includes most all Chinese brands.
     Please do not misunderstand. We have no problem with the Chinese people. We have a problem with the very poor quality of low cost scooters bought from on-line stores or local shops  and hardware stores. These bikes have been plugging up the service department and phone lines, making for some very long repair wait times. 3-4 weeks is too long to wait for a repair.
       As of 5/9/2013 we no longer will take in scooters that are not a major brand we can get parts and support for.
 We can install a tire if you bring in the rim. Or sell you a battery. But no other repairs.
   Why are we doing this?
The environment that we have here in Wisconsin is harsh, cold and salty. And not just politics, the weather.
     Scooters are used in bad weather here, and need to be well made with good materials to survive.  We try very hard to make our customers happy, and when a customer owns a cheap, low quality scooter they are hard to make happy.
   Example..... A delivery man came in today. He told me he bought a bike from us 5-6 years ago, and had over 5000 miles on it. I asked him how many times it had been in for service, and the answer was zero. That is not unusual for a quality product.
    Then we have the fellow that buys a new bike online. Less than $1000 new. Spends $150 to $200 every couple of months.  After two, three years, the bike is not worth repair any longer.

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